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Quality Assurance

In order to keep the construction quality, our company especially make following commitments:

1、No subcontract for all the projects.

2、Establish quality responsibility system to ensure lantern construction quality. Make lanterns according to the design paintings and construction technical standards without modifying design or jerry-built. Put forward opinions and suggestions timely if there would be found errors in the design documents and paintings during construction process.

3、Construction quality standard: Workers should master operation process, the construction requirements. Check the quality in strictly accordance with “three inspection system”, that is self check, handover inspection and professional inspection. Should not carry on the next steps if the work is not in conformity with the quality requirements. Establish standard quality management and guarantee system.

4、Inspect materials, components, equipment according to the design requirements, construction technical standards and the contract. No inspect, no use.

5、Establish a standard construction quality inspection system. Manage the process strictly and complete lanterns’ quality inspecting and record.

6、Establish a standard educating and training system for staff. Staff can’t work without training or passing exams.

7、Guarantee the planned time: Project Management Department arranges the schedule. Arrange materials, equipments, workers in time and make a reasonable schedule. Detail the plan, task and finished work with clear responsibility every week. Self check the progress and quality and put forward specific measures for finishing plan every day. Held a meeting every week and solve the behind schedule situation.

8、Carry out the maintaining duties for lanterns’ quality during the exhibition period

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