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Work Program

Step 1: Designers create lantern paintings according to customers’ requirements and willingness, then determinate the size, material, the effects and the power of lanterns. Designers should demonstrate the practicality of lanterns with the Engineering Department, so that the lanterns can be perfect accordance between its manufacture and design.

Step 2: Art Designers draw a detail map of each lantern strictly and determine its detail size. Then Art Designers draw a frame model on the flat and opening ground on the basis of 1 to 1 ratio so that they can assist Modeling Engineers’ construction. Art Designers should use ink or poster paints which can’t damage the ground.

Step 3: Modeling Engineers make art sculpts of lanterns with steel, wire and so on. They may use electrical machine, cutting machine and welding machine. Art Designers will examine and verify the art sculpts.

Step 4: After the approval of the art sculpts, Electrical Engineers install a complete set of wire and lamps in accordance with different lighting requirements and electrical construction standard. They should test lanterns to ensure electric security and the lighting effect.

Step 5: After passing the tests, Decorating Artisan decorate the lanterns with adhesive and special satin fabric according to the color requirements. Art Designers should examine and verify the whole process of decoration.

Step 6: After finishing manufacture, the installation location should be confirmed according to the overall layout of lantern show. Installation Staff install and fix lanterns with wind ropes, wrench, hammer, electric drill, crane and other instruments.

Step 7: Electrical Engineers check and ensure the wire and lamps in good condition. Then they install distribution boxes according to the electricity load of each lantern so that they can test the lighting effect for single lantern with temporary power.

Step 8: Electrical Engineers install power to each distribution box and test the overall lighting effect of lantern show.

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